Our Story

We are the Sherrills, a couple of Alabamians who got married at 19 years old and then spent 14 years as a military family traveling the country and the world.  In 2016 we became a civilian family looking to find our way.  We moved from the Pacific Northwest to start a beer company in Mobile, Alabama in a historic icehouse that we completely renovated into a taproom and manufacturing facility. In late 2019 we closed our taproom and heeded the call of the mountains of Boulder, Colorado.  Here our family of four have been breaking both a physical and a mental sweat.  The result has been pounds lost, abs found, and brands launched.  We believe that life is an action verb and we intend to live it to the fullest.  Our beers are the fulfillment of all that we appreciate in a hopped beverage. Dose is our gift to actively social people like ourselves who want to heed the call of the universe and let their spirit move them.