Frequently Asked Questions

Most people have heard of Saffron but it is an unfamiliar flavor to our Western palate.  The positive attributes of Saffron have been known for millennia and now it is your turn to tap in to this wealth of benefits

What are the ingredients?

DOSE Saffron water contains 3 all-natural ingredients:  Saffron, pink Himalayan sea salt, and trace amounts of cane sugar.

Where can I buy it?

DOSE Saffron water is currently for sale at We are opening on Amazon soon for retail as well as for wholesalers. Contact for more details

Is Saffron really the most expensive spice in the world?

By weight, Saffron has a greater value than gold!  This is largely due to its painstaking growing and harvesting processes.  Only the small stigmata is used for the spice taking more than 75,000 flowers to create only 1 pound of quality saffron.

 Is DOSE Saffron water healthy to drink?

Saffron has many natural healthy characteristics.  The following are common benefits attributed to saffron consumption

  • A Powerful Antioxidant.
  • May Improve Mood and Treat Depressive Symptoms.
  • May Have Cancer-Fighting Properties.
  • May Reduce PMS Symptoms. 
  • May Act as an Aphrodisiac.
  • May Reduce Appetite and Aid Weight Loss.
  • Easy to Add to Your Diet through DOSE Saffron Water.

DOSE is also low in calories and has re-hydrating electrolytes. We always recommend seeing your doctor as DOSE is not intended to treat or cure a disease. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of saffron

Should I pair DOSE with exercise?

We believe that DOSE is a great addition to any active lifestyle.  Drink a DOSE before and after a workout to regain electrolytes and boost your mood.  Get out there and let your spirit move you.

 Will my mood be lifted immediately?

We canned sunshine with our DOSE Saffron Water.  It is a naturally delicious beverage that indulges your thirst while sending positive mood-boosting stimuli to your brain.  Studies have shown that saffron, ingested regularly over a brief period of time, can build up in your system to be at least as effective as many anti-depressants on the market. However, health recommendations must only be taken from your doctor as DOSE is not intended to treat or cure a disease. While more studies are necessary before this can be a prescribed treatment, drinking DOSE is a great addition to a joyful lifestyle. We encourage you to be your own judge and take part in our 24-day challenge.

How does DOSE saffron water cultivate peace?

By sourcing through Rumi Spice, a B-Corporation founded by three veterans, we are able to support the mission of cultivating peace in Afghanistan. Rumi brings flavorful, ethically sourced and socially responsible spices from Afghanistan to their customers while catalyzing sustainable rural economic development in Afghanistan and providing countless jobs to Afghan farmers and women who harvest and process the spices. Click HERE to learn more

Is there alcohol in DOSE?

There is no amount of alcohol in our DOSE Saffron Water.  It is safe for all members of your family to enjoy.  My kids love it and I think yours will too!

Can I invest in the company?

Yes you can!  DOSE Saffron Water is a subsidiary of Haint Blue Brewing Company and you can become part of it for as little as $100.  I urge you to go to  OUR WEFUNDER PAGE to learn more about becoming a part of our team